What’s holding you back from doing what you want to do?

What’s holding you back from being successful?

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You are.  Your self-image.

I know how that sounds, but it’s true.

The Critical Key to Success in Your Network Marketing Business

Your self-image is a collection of past events, successes and failures, humiliation and triumphs, and how you think people perceive you.

You run your business and your life based upon all of those things.

This is what you hold as truth to who you are.

And this is what holds you back from giving your life and your business 100% of yourself.

Maybe you only believe you will succeed in your business 75% because of past failures.  You know how you perceive spammy people, so you don’t go out and do any prospecting for fear of looking spammy yourself.  Maybe you don’t ask a pretty girl out because you worry people will think she’s out of your league.

Whatever the scenario, it all has to do with your self-image.  And this is why it is the critical key to your success or failure in your network marketing business.

How It Affects Your Business

Let’s say you are out prospecting.  You don’t want to look scammy or desperate.  Because of that, when you have conversations with people you never invite them to look at your opportunity.


You are too eager or too desperate or need to prove yourself wrong so instead of having an actual conversation with someone you do a little small talk and go right into the pitch.

The same holds true for selling your product.

Do you go right for the gusto and become that used car salesman?  You start throwing your sales pitch at the person 100 miles an hour.

“Oh, this is the best product on the market.”

“You will see results immediately.”

“If you buy today, I will give you 15% off.”


Are you too unsure of yourself or afraid of looking too salesy so you never try to sell your product?  Instead you say something like this very quietly, “I do know of a weight loss product.  If you’re interested, just let me know.”


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What If We Have a Good Self-Image?

If you are comfortable selling and prospecting, you probably have a pretty healthy self-image and that’s awesome!  You are a rare breed.

So what does a healthy self-image look like in prospecting and selling?

So you have a real conversation with someone.  You get to know them, you find similarities, you find out what problems or “pain” they are having, and then you frame your business opportunity as the solution to their problems.

You run into an acquaintance at the store and in a conversation she brings up wanting to lose 20 pounds for bikini season.  Your sales pitch would sound something like this.  “I actually share a weight loss product that has helped many of my customers lose X amount of weight.  Would you be open to trying a sample?”

Is It Possible to Change Our Self-Image?


There are two ways to changing your self-image.

1)  Change your self-talk.  Instead of telling ourselves the true description of what happened, we take the hit to our image.

Example 1:  You’re in college and you failed a math course.  Instead of saying to yourself “Oh, I just failed a math course because I didn’t study and I didn’t do the homework”, you say, “I don’t have a mathematical mind” or “I’m a failure”, either one of which ensures future failure.

Example 2:  You’re in a relationship and you get hurt.  Instead of saying to yourself, “This hurts but neither one of us tried as hard as we should have to make it work,” you say, “No one will love me, no one will marry me, I’m too ugly, fat, short…….”

We self-identify with what happened as it being completely our fault.  Sure, you had some control over whether you were going to study or hang out with friends, but just because you failed one math course doesn’t mean that you are mathematically inept and will fail all future courses.

We do that in our businesses as well.  Instead of telling ourselves, “Maybe I didn’t succeed in my previous business because the products weren’t right for me or I didn’t believe in the products,” we say, “I failed or I’m a failure or I can’t sell or I don’t know how to talk to people.”  (The latter being my self-talk.)

Does not succeeding in one business make me a failure?  It does if I tell myself I’m a failure.  So what’s going to happen in the future?  I’m going to fail.

So what we can do from this point forward is change what we tell ourselves.  Don’t direct it as you being the blame or reason.  Say it for what it is…I failed a math course or I didn’t succeed in my previous business because I didn’t believe in the products.

2)  Change your experiences.  Little by little they will create a new self-image.

Example:  Let’s say there’s a child who has never experienced love from his parents.  Either he didn’t have parents or they failed him in a big way by not showing him love.  In any event, he thinks it’s him.  He thinks he’s unlovable.

But let’s say another family member steps in and starts to give him much-needed attention and shows him he is loved.  He will start to believe over time he is cared for and he is lovable.

We need to try to change the experiences we have.  Try a new technique.  Maybe you’ll make a sale or bring in a new team member.  Little by little those experiences will create a new self-image.


Our self-image determines our actions and our actions determine our success or failure in our network marketing business.


I had put together a 3-part video series on What’s Holding You Back.  You can watch them below.


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