Where are all the people hanging out?

Unfortunately, a lot of the network marketing companies tell you to make a list of your friends and family and then list 50 other people you know.

Facebook marketing tips, #MnMInsights

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t list 50 people back when I was doing network marketing offline.

What if you already exhausted your friends and family in past businesses or what if they are not supportive of what you are doing?  What if you don’t know 50 people?

That’s where we come in and hopefully this blog post will give you some ideas.

Facebook is an awesome place where you can connect with over 1.65 billion people from all over the world.  And they have a tool called Audience Insights that help you find your customers and potential prospects.

I made a video below showing how you can use Audience Insights to see where they are hanging out on Facebook.



Audience Insights is a tool I could spend all night in narrowing down my target audience and finding potential prospects.

Okay.  Now that you know where your customers and prospects hang out, what do you do from this point forward?

This is where Attraction Marketing comes into play.

Attraction Marketing makes you the hunted, not the hunter, meaning people come looking for you.  You’re not spamming your business opportunity everywhere and you’re not throwing links around.  You’re not out there prospecting everybody you connect with.

Instead you become someone people are curious to find out more about.

How do you do that?

Here’s another video that will show you how to be the one people seek.



I failed to mention in the video the message requests section.  If you try to message someone you are not friends with or you are fairly new friends, chances are your messages to them or the messages you receive from them will end up in the message request section here.

Message requests, #MnMInsights


After you click on message requests, there will be an option lower down for filtered requests.  Make sure you check that box too.

Filtered requests, #MnMInsights


So essentially there are 3 message boxes you need to check frequently.

Here’s Where Facebook Marketing Tips Come In

You may be asking me, “Okay.  That’s where my potential customers are hanging out, but what about potential prospects?”  And that’s a great question.

Once you start connecting with people and building a relationship and they let their guard down because so far you haven’t prospected them, they will open up to you with what their real needs are.  Maybe they need extra money.  Maybe they are looking for a home business.

You can also use this technique to find network marketing groups on Facebook.  They have what they call “spam” groups and “networking” groups.

The spam groups are groups you can also post your content in.  Almost everybody else is spamming links and you will set yourself apart by posting your content.

The networking groups are the groups you’re going to start talking to people, commenting on the posts, giving tips, being the cheerleader, and following people.

Attraction Marketing Takes Time

Another question that you’re probably thinking right now is, “Does this happen right away?”

The answer is 99% of the time – no.  You have to build that know, like, and trust factor in these groups.  As you continue to provide great information, answer questions, and be the cheerleader your credibility also rises.  People will start checking you out.  You may see more follows, more likes, more comments, more friend requests.

Once this happens there are a variety of things you can do.  I’ll leave that for another blog post.  (Hint: just chat with them, do not offer your business, do not offer your products, just find out what they do, what they like, what problems they are having and then you can formulate your pitch to solve those problems.)

This Works On Every Social Media Platform

What if you don’t like Facebook?  When I started online I refused to do Facebook for business.  But there are other platforms out there:  Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, YouTube just to name a few.  All of these mediums have groups where people hang out.  You can message or leave comments, share information, share stories.

You want to use the platform that’s right for you.  Lots of people say use the platform where your customer/prospect is likely to be hanging out on, but truthfully they are on every platform.  Prospecting and recruiting is hard enough to do.  Having to learn a social media platform you do not like just makes it that much more uncomfortable for you.

Prospecting Offline

What about if you are out and about and run into an old friend?  Chances are they are going to ask you what you do.  Of course you want to tell them without being pitchy.  “I help people lose extra weight for the summer.”

Maybe you are having a real conversation with your friend and she mentions she’d like to lose 30 pounds.  You have a great opportunity here to slip in that you have a product that is working wonderfully for your customers if she’d be interested in trying it.

Or maybe you’re in a store and someone has a Cub’s shirt on or a woman has a cute dress on, anything you can pick and use as a conversation starter.

If you’re like me, you may have a hard time just striking up a conversation with a stranger….or even people we know.  The book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is great to read because it will teach you how to talk to people.

Resources You Can Use

Phew.  I know I mentioned quite a bit of things in this post, i.e. Facebook jail, creating your own resource guide, etc.  I have training listed below that will teach you these skills and more.  Check them out.  They’re FREE.

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Here’s the video I shot for this blog post:




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