What is the number one thing that’s keeping you from prospecting and recruiting in your network marketing business?


Yup.   network marketing business

If you are being honest with yourself, you will see that you have a hard time because you are very protective of your self-image.

Maybe you fear rejection. You don’t want people to think any less of you

Maybe you fear the objections they will make. You haven’t really been taught what to say when objections are voiced.

Maybe you fear the questions they may ask that you may not have answers for. You don’t want to look like a deer in headlights without an answer.

Either way, it’s all about your self image. People would kill to preserve their self image.

You need to realize most network marketers fail because they either suck at or refuse to prospect.

The reason they suck at it is because they do not hold their posture, they give away their power, and sound very wimpy when talking to a prospect.

Can you imagine someone coming up to you with a weak, little voice asking you, “Are you interested in joining my business opportunity?” Please, pretty please with sugar on top. Would you jump at the chance?

But what if someone with complete authority (whether they actually have it or not) and power with a “no big deal” attitude asking you, “Would you be open to a side business?”

See, you need to think of prospecting like you are a waiter or waitress. You go to each table after dinner and ask if they want dessert. If they say yes, cool. If they say no, also cool. Sure, your tip would be higher if they ordered dessert, but if they don’t, it’s no big deal. You’re not going to strong-arm them into ordering dessert.

Go into prospecting with the thought of helping others. The only way to help others is to offer them a way to get help. Not everyone will join–but no one will join that doesn’t get asked.

Fear of Rejection


People have a HUGE fear of rejection. We were born to crave attention. We were born to want to be loved and accepted. So why would anyone willingly put that at risk by asking to be rejected?

Think of it like this. Your fear of displeasing people by prospecting puts you in bondage to them. THEY hold the power, the power over you and the power over whether you succeed or fail in business.

The successful people were not experts in recruiting. In fact, they received the most rejections. The best recruiters in the world only recruit 30%.

So you have a choice to make. You can either:

Prospect and recruit and become successful chancing a lot of rejection along the way or
Don’t prospect and fail but still look “good” in the eyes of everyone around you.



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Fear of Objections


I want you to think about something. How many objections do you think the strong, authoritative person from the example above received when he approached people? How many objections do you think the wimpy person received?

If you come across like you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not confident, and your tone is one of weak questioning, people will eat you alive. And they do that with objections.

I will have another blog post on how to handle objections in a few days, but in the meantime I want to leave you with this thought.

Continuing to hold your posture and refusing to give the power to the prospect if they do object will help you to overcome the objection or just walk away.

Example: You’ve just asked someone if they would be open to making extra money. They say, “Is this one of those MLM schemes?”

Instead of going into a long, drawn-out explanation of why this is not an MLM scheme, you simply said, “No, it’s not a scheme. But it sounds like this wouldn’t be a fit for you. It was great to connect with you. See you around.”

One of two things will happen next, either the prospect will let you go or he will stop you with curiosity. Heck, he may even stop you because he wants to prove you wrong. Either way, you have kept your posture and power.

Fear of Questions


A lot of people just don’t prospect because they simply fear they will get questions they just can’t answer.

The overarching problem network marketers have is they think prospecting and recruiting is about their products, business opportunity or compensation plan.  So they study it and think they should be ready with all the information a prospect might have.

Most MLM companies have videos you can send prospects to that will give them all the information they need to answer all their questions. You just simply have to direct them to it.

The absolute best way to handle a prospect is to get to the root of their pain, their problem, their needs, and their desires. The only way to do that is for YOU to ask the questions.

“Why would you be open to a business opportunity? Has something recently changed in your life?”
“Why do you want to lose weight? Is it for something special or do you just want to feel good?”

Keep on questioning and questioning. Even if the prospect says he does need to make more money, DON’T PITCH. Continue to find out why. This allows you the ability to frame your business opportunity as the solution to the pain, the need, the desire of each prospect.

NEVER assume you know what their pains, needs, and desires are.

I cover this more extensively with examples in the blog post How to Succeed in Network Marketing Business.


If you are not invested in the outcome, you will keep your posture and power. It doesn’t matter how many questions they ask or how many objections they throw at you.

Do you really want someone in your business that you had to convince and twist their arm to get in anyway? You will be convincing and twisting their arm the entire period they stick it out.

The best time to call a prospect is right after you recruited someone because you are all energized, still on the high of recruitment, and your confidence will shine through. It also help you keep that “no big deal” attitude.

You need to start thinking to yourself, “Working with me is a privilege.”

  • It takes a lot of effort to get traffic.
  • It takes a lot more to get a lot of traffic.
  • It takes a lot of effort to generate leads.
  • It takes a lot more effort to generate a lot of leads.

Why waste all that effort with NOT recruiting people into your business?

Look at Babe Ruth’s records. The same year he broke the home run record he also struck out the second most times in his career up to that point.

You have to swing at a lot of balls in order to knock one out of the park.


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