Are you the best kept secret on the internet?  Only problem is if you are trying to grow your business online, you must be visible.  That’s why visibility is #1 in the post 3 Crucial Elements To Business Success which you can READ HERE.

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The reason a lot of people quit their business is because they couldn’t get results.  They couldn’t generate leads, find prospects or make sales online.  They got discouraged.

People ask, “How can it be that I can’t find anyone who would be interested in my product/service or business opportunity when there are 1.5+ billion people on Facebook?”

One of the biggest problems is obscurity.  No one is going to know who you are and what you offer if you’re not visible.  No one will even know you’re there.

WARNING!  Unfortunately, a lot of people will read that last sentence and think the way to be visible is just go put their link all over the internet, in Facebook groups, in other people’s comments, on other people’s walls, and all over your own timeline.  That is definitely one way to become visible, but you’re not going to like the feelings that people develop from that kind of visibility.

In this post I’m going to share with you 7 sure-fire ways to get more visibility.  Incorporate a couple of them into your business and you will gain visibility.  Incorporate all of them into your business will get you maximum exposure.

#1 – Ask leaders how they became visible

They are leaders for a reason.  They had to have done something on a larger scale for a period of time to gain that exposure.  Find out what they did.  If it’s something that makes you a little uncomfortable, then it’s a great opportunity for you to stretch yourself.

I say this over and over again.  Success is not found within our comfort zone.  If you want to become a 6-and-7-figure earner, you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  You’re going to have to keep stretching yourself, keep growing, and become someone bigger.  So have an open mind and put some serious consideration time into what they tell you.

Another side to this is you can make yourself available to the leaders if they ever need help.  I’m not talking about being their errand person, but if they need someone to host the daily calls, be the person who announces the speaker, anything along those lines, that is going to get you visibility.  Curiosity will start to build around who you are and why you all of a sudden popped up, and it will also connect you with the leaders so it gives you instant authority.

#2 – Create value in your niche

Every niche needs content.  I will give you a couple examples.

Let’s say you sell pet insurance.  You can find great articles related to pet care, pet supplies, training, etc., but you can also create some of that content.

We all know there are a gazillion brands of pet food, some good, most bad for the animals.  Doing a little research you find out that the main ingredient in most dog food is corn which is very hard for the dogs to actually digest.  Digging around a little more you find that only a couple of brands such as Pro Plan and Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food do not have corn as a main ingredient in their dog food.  This would be an example of a great blog post you could create with little effort.

We can do the same thing for nutrition supplements.  You could write a blog post about what folic acid does and why you need to make sure you have it in your daily diet and then give examples of the kinds of food that contains folic acid.

How about for the weight loss niche?  You could write a blog post about the kinds of food you absolutely need to avoid in the grocery store and which aisles to shop instead.

Let’s say you’re in the cosmetic industry.  A little research and you can come up with lots of reasons why your cosmetics are head and shoulders better than the brands you will find in the stores.

But you do not even have to stick 100% to your product or services.  Let’s say you learned something new, share it. “Hey, I just learned how to….”  There are lots of people who do not have that knowledge you just shared.

Look at something as basic as how to cut and paste on a computer.  I learned last month that someone who is advancing in leadership levels in our company has only been in business for 15 months.  Prior to that she didn’t even know how to copy and paste.

I went to YouTube and typed in “how to copy and paste” and these are the top 3 videos:


Look at the views these videos received…. over 700,000!  There will always be people out there who don’t know how to do something, and if you could be the one to teach them, they would definitely follow you.  You’ve now become more visible.

A good rule of thumb: Learn, Do, Teach.

#3 – Attend events

Every network marketing company and most internet marketing companies have events every year.  Go to them.  Network with people.  Even if they are people who are in your MLM company, they can get you visibility.

Striking up a friendship can lead to a relationship where you are sharing each other’s content.  It works great if they have more visibility because now your valuable information gets in front of his followers.  His valuable content gets in front of your followers, and they will thank you for it.

There are also networking events in every city.  You don’t want to miss those opportunities.  Remember the first word in network marketing means you need to “network”.  It’s a verb.  Take action.  Just simply going up to people and saying, “Hi, my name is…” gets you visibility.  If no one knows your name, they don’t know what you do.  This business is all about making connections, and for most of us this would fall under the “uncomfortable” category.  Listen to Nike, “Just do it.”

#4 – Do Live videos

Why?  There are several reasons why Facebook Live videos are so much better.  First of all, Facebook gives Live videos more reach which means more visibility for you.

When you start a Live video you can plug in video tags which are keywords.  Those keywords let’s Facebook know the kind of people they will show your video to which means they are Targeted people which is the best kind of visibility.

Another reason why Facebook Live videos are great is because you cannot edit them.  It really creates a know, like, and trust factor with your audience.  It’s you, pure and unedited.  Most people would never even attempt to do a Live video, so if you’re putting yourself out there for your audience, they will respect you more.

You also develop instant authority when people see you doing Live videos.  YouTube has come out with a YouTube Live stream if you are more comfortable on YouTube.  Challenge yourself to do a Live video every day for 30 days.  Talk about what you’re reading, what you’re learning, five tips of….  Keysha Bass says, “Information without implementation means you’re just full of stuff.”

#5 – Host a webinar, workshop, hangout

Webinars, workshops, hangouts, they’re all the same thing.  They don’t have to be your typical 60-minute webinars either.  In fact, your audience might thank you for it.  But webinars are also a great way to not only gain visibility but also authority.

Our team started doing a weekly Tuesday webinar where we talk about a variety of business related topics.  Every time I host I talk about what I’ve learned in the most recent book I’ve read.  We all know we need to read more, but there’s so much out there to choose from half the time we don’t even know where to start.

So if I’m talking about a great book and my take on the information, it might intrigue you to get the book.  It’s also a great webinar topic.

How about something as simple as what your Facebook profile page should say and the recommended settings for business owners?  That was our most recent Tuesday webinar and it was a hit!

You’re going to need to promote the webinar a day or two before.  Creating a Facebook event and inviting people to it is one way.  Promoting it in Facebook groups is another.  Sending it to your email list, asking friends or networking partners to share it with their followers, and ads are other ways.

And if you want to build up your email list, create a simple opt-in page where they can register for your webinar is crucial.

#6 – Facebook Ads

If you have a small advertising budget, doing Facebook ads are a great way to gain visibility.  Facebook gathers a scary amount of information on all of their users.  In fact, it is downright terrifying to see what they know about you.  You can generate highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns to let people know about your products and services or your business opportunity.

If your advertising budget is very small, boosting your posts or videos for $5 spread out for 3 days is very economical and effective.  It also creates more visibility to your fan page as well.  Heck, you can choose to just run a Facebook ad promoting your fan page for likes.  This will give you huge visibility.

#7 – Take massive action

If you want maximum visibility in the shortest amount of time, you can take massive action.  Create valuable content every day, do two videos a day, make one of those videos a Facebook Live, share your content on every social media platform you are on, share the videos on YouTube, share in Facebook groups.  You will reach more people and grow your audience at a faster rate.

I know this post had a lot of information.  It will also stretch you to do things you are uncomfortable doing.  If you need training on how to implement any of the suggestions or ideas on the kind of content you can create, just reach out to us.  We have access to all the tools and training you need to grow your business to the next level.

That’s what we are here for.  Our job is to help you grow your business.  Period.



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