Do you struggle with prospecting and recruiting?

You are not alone. 90% of those in MLM and network marketing opportunities struggle with this same marketing business

Successfully prospecting and recruiting is exactly how you succeed in your network marketing business.

So I have two words that will help you immensely.


That’s right, I said it.

Network marketers are way too eager to make their pitch. They are just waiting to jump in and tell their prospect all about their awesome opportunity.

And you know what that does.

Your pitch will flip a switch in the prospect’s brain and they will become instantly defensive. “No, I can never do something like that.” “Is this a pyramid scheme?” “Is this one of them MLM things?”

Objections will be flying out of their mouth faster than you can answer them.

Either your prospect has been in network marketing in the past and had a bad experience or they have heard of network marketing and believe it’s all schemes. Either way, you’ve just lost your prospect.

So what do you do instead?

You talk to the person. You ask questions. You listen to what they say. You ask more questions. You listen and then repeat back what you heard. You ask even more questions.

The more questions you ask the more you will learn about their pain, needs, wants, and desires.

The more information you learn through those questions the easier it will be to phrase your pitch by positioning it as the solution to their pain and the vehicle to get to their desires.

Now most network marketers will read this and think, “Okay. I will ask them about their past experience and what they want in the future. Then I can pitch them my opportunity.”



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How to Successfully Prospect Into Your Network Marketing Business


Example 1: Let me give an example of what network marketers do now.

NM: “Hey John. I saw you visited my site. Did you like what you saw? Are you interested in joining my business opportunity?”

John: “Nope. I could never do something like that.”

NM: “Oh, John. But this company has been around for eight years. We’ve created 11 millionaires. Our training is awesome, our upline is awesome, and our products are awesome. Plus, you should see our compensation plan.”

John: “No, I’m not interested in any MLM scheme.”

NM: “No, this is not a scheme. Do you want to know what a scheme is? The real scheme is…….”

John: (Hangs up the phone.)

Example 2: Let me give you an example of what network marketers will do knowing they should ask questions to get to the root of the prospect’s problem.

NM: “Hey John. I saw you visited my site. What did you think?”

John: “Yeah, it’s okay. I’ve been thinking about losing some weight.”

NM: “Okay. How much do you want to lose?”

John: “Well I’m thinking maybe 30 pounds ought to do it.”

NM: “Well our weight loss product will help you lose those pounds in 30 days or less. And while you’re at it, you can make money running your own business while you are losing those 30 pounds.”

John: “Um, I don’t want to run a business. I just want to lose some weight.”

NM: “But John, if you bring in 5 people, you will get your product for free. Wouldn’t you like to lose weight for free while making some money all at the same time?”

John: “I’m not interested in that. I think I’ll just go to the gym.”

Example 3: Now let me give you an example of what prospecting should look like.

NM: “Hey John. I saw you visited my site a few minutes ago. Is there something I can help you with?”

John: “Yeah, I was looking at your weight loss products.”

NM: “Okay. Are you looking to lose some weight, John?”

John: “I want to lose about 30 pounds.”

NM: “Cool. Is there a reason you want to lose weight or do you just want to feel better?”

John: “Well my daughter is getting married in 3 months and I want to look good walking her down the aisle.”

NM: “Hey, congratulations! Man, I remember when my wife walked down the aisle escorted by her father. I’ll never forget that moment.”

John: “Yeah, I just hope I don’t lose my composure when I hand her over to her soon-to-be husband.”

NM: “You probably will but that’s natural. So you want to lose 30 pounds to look good as you walk your daughter down the aisle in 3 months, right?”

John: “Yup.”

NM: “Okay. That’s definitely doable. Hey, let me ask you. Are weddings really that much more expensive these days?”

John: “You wouldn’t believe how much her mother and I have to spend for this wedding. That’s why I’m looking for a cheaper weight loss product. I don’t have much excess money floating around these days.”

NM: “Man, I probably wouldn’t believe it. So let me make sure I am hearing what you’re saying. You want to lose 30 pounds so you can looking good walking your daughter down the aisle in 3 months. Weddings are expensive so you’re not wanting to spend too much for a weight loss product. Have I got that right?”

John: “Sounds about right.”

NM: “Okay. Well you saw our weight loss product on the website and I’m sure you saw the price. It’s pretty reasonable. But what if I could show you how you can get that product for free so you can lose the weight you want to lose, look great walking your daughter down the aisle, and possibly even make extra money for the wedding? Would you be open to that?”

John: “Sure. I’m always open for making more money.”


So what happened in Example 3?

The network marketer kept probing with questions, he repeated back the pain and desire of John, and probed with more questions.

But the most important part was he kept the rapport as natural as possible.

He didn’t abruptly stop and pitch. He didn’t even pitch after he found out John needed money.

Instead once again he repeated back John’s pain of wanting to lose weight, his desire to look good for his daughter’s wedding, and his inability to spend a lot of money due to the wedding costs.

The network marketer used John’s own words and then asked John to confirm that he heard him right.

What the network marketer did next is the most important part.

He asked John if he could solve the weight loss issue so John would look great walking his daughter down the aisle and possibly even help John get the product for free and make extra money for the wedding if John would be OPEN to it.

Who is going to say they are not open to making more money?

The word “Interested” can be easily turned down. “Nope, I’m not interested.” But using the word “Open” makes it nearly impossible for someone to say, “Nope, I’m not open.” No one wants to be closed off and that’s what John would appear to be if he said no to being open.

Now of course some people will still say no and that’s okay. You move on to the next prospect.

But I guarantee you by using the techniques in Example 3, you will get a lot more yeses.

Prospecting and recruiting is crucial in any business, not just network marketing. Prospecting and recruiting are code words for converting sales.

Even if you are an internet/online marketer or even affiliate marketing, you need to learn the art of prospecting and recruiting. You need to learn how to speak to your potential customers, how to find out what they really need, what their pain is, what their desire is, and how to use those answers to convert them into buyers.

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