Yes, we are going to give you the best of all network marketing business tips – THE SECRET to success in your MLM.  You may not like it; you may disagree……  But then that’s the exact reason you’re going to fail.

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.

Earl Nightingale

If you don’t like where you are right now, change it.  Not by moving to another job or another MLM, but by changing yourself, your attitudes, your expectations. 


I can hear you now.  “This was not a secret!”  Perhaps you’ve heard it over and over again.  But maybe this time, this idea, putting it in this context will help you to understand why this is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT Network Marketing business tips we can share with you.


I learned this from all the top leaders in the industry and from my own experience. 


I have been in 7 separate Network Marketing businesses over a 12-year period.  My reasons for failure:  no training, no team support, no upline, there was a problem with the products, or the business model sucked. 


The real reasons for my failure:  Me, my mindset, my unwillingness to change. 


It was only when I started really putting into practice what I learned about personal development…. how to change my mindset, the way I thought, the way I spoke to myself, my attitudes, goals, and expectations…. that everything started to change and success started to come my way. 


When we are not seeing the expected sales or prospects flooding into our Network Marketing business, we begin to think it’s the business that’s the problem.  We see many others succeeding in that business over there, so we are quick to jump into that business hoping and praying it will finally be THE ONE.


Rarely do we stop to think — hey, wait a minute.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe it’s something that I’m doing or NOT doing.  Let me change this aspect and see if I get better results.


Listen, we all think the grass is greener on the other side.  We look at our neighbor’s bigger house, his new car, his perfect family, his green, perfectly manicured lawn.  We think to ourselves “Maybe we should get a job like his.”  Meanwhile, our neighbor is looking at ours and thinking…. the exact same thing.


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Read this true story about an African farmer.  I heard Earl Nightingale tell this story in a video.

Acres of Diamonds

This is the story of a farmer who had settled in Africa.  This farmer had heard the exciting stories of other African settlers who had made millions by discovering diamond mines.  Realizing the African continent was rich in diamonds, the farmer could hardly wait to sell his farm and search for diamonds himself. 

He spent the rest of his life wandering the vast African continent searching for the gleaming gems which brought such high prices on the markets of the world, but without success.  Finally, in a sudden fit of despondency, broke and desperate, he threw himself into a river and drowned. 

During this time the man who had bought his farm one day found a large and unusual stone in the stream which cut through the property.  It turned out to be a great diamond of enormous value, and then he discovered that his farm was covered with them.  It was to become one of the world’s richest diamond mines. 

Now the first farmer had owned literally acres of diamonds but had sold them for practically nothing in order to look for them elsewhere.  If he had only taken the time and studied to know what diamonds looked like in their rough state and first thoroughly explored the land that he owned, he would have had the millions he sought right on the land he had been living upon.

Lesson From The Story


The reason you’re not successful is not because of your MLM, the business model, the products, or even your upline. 


Your success…or failure…hinges on just one person….YOU.  Nobody wants to hear that.  Nobody truly wants to take responsibility for their failure.  They want it to be something or someone else’s fault.  We love to play the blame game.  If only….if they….


I really don’t like the word failure.  In my opinion, the only way you truly fail is by quitting.  Quitters never win….never! 


As long as you keep striving, keep learning, keep growing, keep changing, keep plugging along, you will succeed. 


The only time we recommend jumping ship and moving to another company is if you really don’t like or don’t believe in the products you’re selling OR if the owners change something in the business that is to the marketers’ detriment (like dramatically change the comp plan or something). 


We are all standing in our own acres of diamonds. 


We need the patience and wisdom to explore our business and learn all we can about the industry we are currently in.  We will find that the success, the riches we are seeking can be found right where we are.


Do not be like the farmer who spent the rest of his life looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and never staying with one thing long enough to find it.  No matter what your desire is, the road you are currently on will lead you to it.


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A paper salesman found a dirty drinking glass in his hotel room and gave his company the idea of manufacturing paper cups, an idea that solved his financial problems for life.


An insurance man got the idea of going back to all the people in his files and really working with them, serving them the way they should be served.  That year he wrote an additional $700,000 of insurance, made the million-dollar roundtable, and found he no longer had to approach cold prospects.  By working with the people that he already sold and on their referrals, he had acres of diamonds right in his file cabinet.


One time another farmer poked a tiny pumpkin into an empty 1-gallon jug.  The pumpkin grew until it completely filled the jug and could grow no more.  When it was ripe the farmer broke the glass jug and had a pumpkin which had assumed the jug’s exact shape.

Read from Earl Nightingale himself….

In life each of us does a similar thing.  We poke ourselves into jugs of our own deciding, and we can grow no larger.  But let’s be mature enough to realize that it is we who do the poking, not the job nor the company nor the territory nor the economy nor the times.  We do it. 


We should dispense with limitations and realize there is virtually no limit to our growth and development on the land on which we now find ourselves.  Above all keep this thought in mind as often you can on and off the job.  Somewhere within the work you are now doing there lurks an opportunity which will bring you everything you could possibly want for yourself and your family.

Earl Nightingale







Here are 9 points to remember:


  • If we will develop the patience and the wisdom to explore the business we’re now building, we will find it contains the riches and success we seek.


  • Before we go looking for greener pastures, let’s realize our own pasture is unlimited.


  • That there are no bad businesses.  It’s the way in which we go about our business which makes it good or bad.


  • We poke ourselves into jugs beyond which we cannot grow.  Let’s remove the limitations we set upon ourselves


  • Only preparation can ensure our taking advantage of the opportunities which will present themselves in the future, opportunities which are around us now.


  • Learn the many ways and means of improving what you are currently doing.


  • Learn all you can about your business, the company, and your industry.


  • Begin to build your knowledge pertaining to your business, the way you market your business, and how to better serve people.


  • Remember the story of the Acre of Diamonds.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our post. 


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