Fear of objection is one of the major reasons why people do not prospect and recruit.  The thought of it can paralyze some people.

There are some pretty cool ways to overcome objections I learned from some of the top recruiters, so I’m passing it on to you.

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1st Rule in Prospecting

Do not be addicted to the outcome, period.

You cannot bank on them saying yes.

There are some good reasons for this, the first of which is you lose your posture and authority.

People can feel when you’re desperate.  They can see that you need that yes.

Think of this scenario:

You are in the market for a new car, so you go to a car dealership to check out what’s available.

Before we walk into the dealership we tell ourselves we are not going to show interest in a specific car.  It will be much easier to walk away and get a better deal than gush all over a car and pay sticker price.

So we walk in and look at a few cars….and then the heavens open up and the angels start singing as you see the 2017 Mustang.

You try to keep your composure as you slide into the driver’s seat.  Unfortunately, the car salesman has been watching you like a hawk and can see from the drool in the corner of your mouth that you just fell in love.

So now who has the upper hand?

Who do you think is the prospect in this scenario?  He’s the car salesman.  He can get you right where he wants you, and it’s your job to not let him by keeping your posture and authority.

In the video below I give a physical illustration of what I’m talking about.

So the secret to handling any objection: do not be addicted to the outcome and keep your posture and authority.

The next tip I have for you is not to memorize scripts.  Yes, they can be helpful in giving you the words to use, but most of the time your prospect will be off script or ask you questions you didn’t have scripts for and then you’re left flapping in the wind.

Real communication with a prospect means you are in the moment responding to him, he’s responding to you.  You need to adapt what you’re going to say based on what he says.

Scripts are a crutch.  So even though I may give possible scripts below, they are in no way meant to be memorized and used, only as examples of how you might handle the objection.



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Let’s get right into the objections.

Objection #1 – How much have you made?

First of all, you will get this objection if you come off cocky or give too much hype.  You may also get this question if you seem not confident or even too hardcore (example:  This is the best compensation plan in the industry!)

If you are new or you haven’t made any significant money yet, you can say:

“I’m actually just getting started myself, but I am being trained by some of the top leaders in our company.  I’d love to introduce you and show you what we’re doing.  If it’s a fit for you, great.  If it’s not, that’s good too.”

Saying things like “if it’s a fit for you” is like a powerful command, and “if it’s a fit for you or not” shows you are not addicted to the outcome.

On the other hand, saying things like “This is perfect for you” or “You would rock this business” creates resistance and they will push back with objection after objection.

Now if you have made some significant money, sharing that with them is completely up to you.  But at this point you’re probably not looking at a blog post on how to handle objections.  If you do go ahead and tell them, make sure to give an income disclosure to let them know that you put in great time and effort and that’s why you have reached that income level.

Objection #2 – Is this one of those pyramid schemes?

I covered this objection in the video below, but I’ll sum it up for this blog post.

This one is really easy to handle actually.  Most network marketers can’t wrap their head around not explaining this to the prospect, but in reality there is nothing you can say to prove this isn’t a scheme so why even bother.

All you need to say is (and this one you can memorize), “No, it’s not but it might not be a fit for you.”

One of two things will happen at this point.  They will either just walk away or they will say, “Now wait a minute.  Tell me about it again,” or ask for a link or start asking you questions about it.

Now if they ask it as more of a question, you can take a few minutes to explain it to them.

“No, it’s not.  It’s kind of like a real estate broker.  He goes out and gets his own business but he also gets an override on the sales of others in his firm as well.  You can earn an override not only on your efforts but the efforts of those you bring in.”

Objection #3 – I don’t have the money.

This is 95% of the time a lie.  It is rarely the case that someone doesn’t have the money.  It’s just that they haven’t seen the benefit they will receive if they spent the money.

If you get a lot of objections like this, chances are it’s the words you’re using or the fact that you have money mindset issues.

If you are using words like “spend $5, make $5,000”, you are just inviting a whole bunch of objections.

You can say things like, “Let me ask you.  Are you trying to get in or get out?”  Meaning, are they trying to get into the business or telling you they are not interested.  Believe it or not, a lot of people have a hard time saying no to others and it might just be a roundabout way of saying no to you.  At least this question gives them an out.

Some people say that and they mean that if they had the money they would absolutely join.  In that case you two can put your heads together to figure out how they can come up with the money.

You want to make sure you know how far off they are from coming up with the money.  If it cost $300 and they have $0, you know you’re dealing with coming up with $300.  But if they have $200, you now know you only have to come up with another $100 which is much more doable.

In any case, you can always say, “Hey, it’s totally cool.  Do you know anyone who does want to make some extra money if I showed them?”

Objection #4 – Isn’t the industry saturated by now?

This is a person with a scarcity mindset, and you might want to think twice about recruiting them.  “Well then maybe this isn’t for you.  It’s all good.”

But there is another way to handle this objection, and it might be beneficial for you to know some numbers if you want to answer the objection this way.

“In the state of ____ there are ____ reps.  The entire population of this state is ____.  The toughest time to build a business is when it’s brand new and nobody has heard of it yet.  We have a great opportunity here.”

Objection #5 – I don’t have time.

You can handle this one of two ways.  You can be a smart a$$ and say, “Oh, then you need this more than I thought.”

You can also say it like this.  “You know, I used to be just like you, so I looked for a way to get more leverage out of my time.  With this business when I bring someone onboard I earn an override off of their efforts as well as my own and it’s not taking any more of my time.”

Again you can add here, “Now this may or may not be for you.  This is what I found to help me create a residual income, one that pays me over and over for the same effort.”

Objection #6 – What did you make in your first month of network marketing?

You can handle this similar to the way you handled objection #1.

“Well I’m still new at this but our leaders are showing me exactly what to do to make more money.  It may or may not be a fit for you, but I can at least show you if you’d like.”

That’s basically all that needs to be said.  I mean they pretty much know the answer to that question anyway.  Not very many people make $10,000 in their first month.

Objection #7 – Is this easy to sell?

This one is tough to answer because chances are you don’t know what their background is.  If they have a background in sales, it might be easy to them.

For the average person, you never know.  It could be the person you least expect that rises to the level of a leader faster than you do.

The safest way to answer this objection is to manage their expectations and say, “It does take a little time to find your customers, but we give you the training you need to both find your customers and how to sell them.”  But if your company does not give training like this, please do not lie to the prospect.  You will lose all credibility if they decide to join you and then never get the training you promised.

Objection #8 – How much is it?

They are asking you this to rule it out.  Do not directly answer this question.

There are a couple of ways you can handle this objection.

#1 – “That’s a tough one to answer because there are multiple options.  I would encourage you to watch the video.  There’s a chance it might not cost you anything.”  (Which is true if they don’t join)

#2 – “Suppose I was to satisfy that concern.  In your opinion do you feel you would want to move forward?”  Of course this is after they know more about the opportunity and they can answer your question.

#3 – “Let me ask you a question.  In spite of this, isn’t the real question you’re asking is it possible for you to get more benefit than what you are investing?”

The answer you use will depend on your rapport with the person.  You will more than likely use #1 most often, but if you’ve spent a little time and laid out the opportunity for them, you can use #2 to feel them out.


That pretty much covers it.  If you keep your power, keep the posture and authority and are not addicted to the outcome, you will have much fewer objections and walking away power.

Who knows, they have been known to chase after people who use “it may not be for you”.  They may want to prove you wrong.  Let them!

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