Here’s one of my favorite network marketing tips.  You might think, “Uh, of course?!”  But I almost guarantee you don’t really know what this post is about.


In any network marketing business, it is very important to build a strong, duplicatable team.  But what does it take to build a strong team?

The top reason people quit the network marketing profession is because they do not feel supported by their upline.  That’s an awful feeling.  I know.  I felt that for over 15 years myself in all 7 of my previous network marketing opportunities.


So the first thing we always need to be mindful of when building our team is to support them.  Being there for them, answering their questions, teaching them what you know, mentoring.  These are great ways to help them feel supported.


Of course, not everybody will be considered coachable.  (In reality, you should have weeded them out before they get came onto your team.)


But through this process of mentoring, I’m not just talking about your personally enrolled teammates.  What we are discussing here is EVERYBODY in your downline.


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Scout for the Newest Up and Coming Leader


Unfortunately, I don’t know too many people who really pay attention to their entire downline organization.  They mainly work with their direct recruits, and then they count on those people to support their recruits.


But what if you can’t count on them to be supportive to their recruits?  Maybe they don’t know HOW to teach, or worse yet, they aren’t willing to teach (sadly, this not uncommon in network marketing because too many people look at their team as competition).


Invariably you will have someone way down in your downline who is starting to see a lot of success.  They are making lots of new sales and bringing new people into the team.


This person could really use your personal support.


Don’t wait for their immediate upline to be there to support them.  They really need YOU!


Now I am certainly not saying that you let their upline off the hook.  If they are not being very supportive, maybe they need more guidance and direction from you too.  Lead by example.  Show them what it means to be a great leader.  Pretty soon, they will want what you have and will step up to the plate.




Let’s say you personally enrolled Joe.  Joe recruited Ellie who recruited Carol who recruited Jaime who recruited Catherine who recruited Lisa.


If we’re not watching our genealogy report, maybe we don’t notice that Lisa is becoming quite the superstar.


You would be an amazing leader if you reached out to her personally and became her mentor, shared your knowledge, worked with her to increase her leadership skills.


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Another Benefit


What if Catherine, Lisa’s direct sponsor, recruited a couple of people but really hasn’t done much with her business? 


Suddenly, Lisa’s business takes off and of course Catherine is benefiting from Lisa’s success.

One of two things will happen.


1)  Lisa’s success will keep Catherine in the business longer because she is financially tied to Lisa’s success.

2)  Lisa’s sudden success inspires Catherine to work harder.  “Well if Lisa can do it, I can do it.”  Or, if nothing else, “I’m not going to let her pass me in leadership!  I better get to work.”


Scout for People Who Are Struggling


There’s another reason why you want to snoop on your downline.


Every leader’s organization will have more people struggling to build a business than you will have superstars.  In fact, typically those superstars are far and few between.


But what if you reached out to those who are struggling?  What if you took the time to mentor them, to teach them, and inspire them?  They have every chance of becoming superstars if they had the right mentor.


Unfortunately, again you can’t leave it to their direct upline to teach them the skills they need.  See, a lot of people come into the network marketing profession lacking the basic skills or they don’t know the daily actions they need to take every day that’s necessary for a successful business.


So reaching down into your entire organization to be the leader/mentor they need is vitally important to YOUR business!


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Your Question Is….


I can hear you asking this question.


How am I supposed to support all these people?  I don’t have the time to do that.  This business is supposed to be giving me time freedom.  (Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have???)

This is where a team Facebook group is a necessity.  You can post inspirational messages, celebrate success, training videos you create for them, training videos from the company they may not have watched yet, informational blog posts, and they can post questions and help each grow and succeed.


One of the best ways we inspire and train our downline is through weekly online team meetings where they can ask us questions and get immediate answers.



If you are in an opportunity that you share with other people but it’s not necessarily like an MLM where you are financially tied to a downline, watch this video.  You still need to use these principles.



It is crucial when building an organization of people that you watch everyone on the team.  Reach out to the ones who seem to be struggling.  Reach out to the up and coming superstars.


Be the leader.



Here are some other great resources we have found to help you be more successful when you are prospecting in network marketing.


Here’s a great blog post from Todd Falcone – How to Kill Your Downline and Crush Their Motivation.  In this post,Todd tells you what NOT to do when building a team.  Something we all need to know!


An oldie but a goodie – article from Entrepreneur Magazine – Prospecting for Network Marketing Diamonds.  Definitely worth checking out!



We appreciate you taking the time to read our post. 

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