I have two questions for you.
Are you a “have” or are you a “be”?
Are you a “pro” or are you a “re”?


What the heck am I talking about?  Read on and figure out which one you are.

At one time or another, we will hit a wall in our business.  Whether you’ve hit one previously or not, you will.  We all do.


So the ultimate question becomes:

What do you do when you hit that wall?


Do you say:

Well if I had the right upline…

…if I had the right training…
…if I had the right compensation plan…
…if I had the right products…
…if I had the right company…

…I would be successful.

“If I had this or if I could have that”, it’s all dependent on something or someone else — not you.


OR… do you say:

I am going to BE successful as long as I continue learning.
I am going to BE successful if I go out there and market my business today.
I am going to BE successful if I go out there and do some recruiting.

That is all “I” directed. That is action that you need to take.


It means you are not sitting around waiting for somebody else to do something for you before you can move forward in your business.


It means you are resourceful, which is something that is very important when building a successful business.


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This is the “pro” versus the “re”.  Do you react or are you proactive?


So what do you do? Be honest with yourself.


This is YOUR business, so it is completely dependent on you, on what you do (or do not do), and the choices you make.


The leaders you see up on stage are being proactive. They are the “Be” people.

If they have a question, they are going to Google the answer. They are going to try a ton of things until they find something that works.


They do not wait until their upline has a chance to respond to their question or train them on marketing or recruiting.

Instead of waiting for someone else to help them, they go out and find the answers or find the training they need.


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So what do you do if you are a “re”?


If you are one who reacts instead of being proactive, then start taking action yourself.  If you have a question, Google it. If you need specific training, Google it or search on YouTube.


Or, better yet, find someone who is successful at doing what you want to learn and follow them.

Who is the successful blogger that you know?

Who is the Facebook marketer?

Who is the successful Twitter marketer?

Who is the successful recruiter?


Find mentors or leaders you can follow and learn from. I bet they even have training on the subject.

And then go and take the action.


We appreciate you taking the time to read our post. 

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Mark ‘n Michelle Eaves, 
Online Marketing Business Coaches
and Blogging Expert Divi Diva (Michelle, not Mark, LOL)
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